What are Otome Games?

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"Otome (maiden) games cover any game aimed at a female audience that is not a Boys Love game; the majority are Visual Novels with romantic elements."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anime Sim Date 2.0 Walkthrough.

Here are the correct answers for every guy, I hope it helps you~


-Cloudy and windy.

-Read books and daydream.

-Cleverness and passion.


-I could ask you the same thing...

-Hey! I just remembered that my friend's in this class! I'm gonna look for her desk!

-Eh? Why...?

-Ooh...I see. Don't worry, all guys have that kind of hobby I guess...

-A diary? That's it? Why'd you get so worked up over something like that?

-Then I'll make sure that doesn't happen. I'll help you find it! (It's behind the curtain~)

-So...I bet your name is Haru, right?

-S-sure. Okay.

-Your diary can say „I love you.“ Can you do that too...?


-Sunny and Warm.

-Play outdoors and get together with friends.

-Friendship and spirit.


-Ooh, I love sunshine. It's so nice and warm.

-So who are you by the way?

-Ooh! Are you really smart? Say something cool!

-Because they were all married and not single.

-My reflection.

-Hehe...I don't mind. Go ahead. Shoot.

-Really? You mean it? You'll really let me use your Game Boy?

-That was the most epic thing ever...


-Hey, Daichi-kun. Can you tell me another one of your riddles...?

-...Can you „show“ me the answer?

-Hehe, of course I do.../Uh, not really. But please, show me it if you can... (Yeah, both answers are right :P)

-Sure thing.


-Rainy and snowy.

-Hang out in the city and other solo hobbies.

-Strengh and beauty.


-Um, are you okay?

-Downtown Cigam.

-I'll help you find your way! Where do you need to go?

-Why the rush...?

-That's terrible! You have to get to Reton now!

-You should wait for the train to be repaired, the buses are wat too slow.

-Hey, would you like to go somewhere while you wait?

-The sushi bar!

-Ooh! I can't wait to eat their nigiri!

-Yeah! Bring it on!



-(It's the 3th picture.)



-To clean the palate.

-See? It's the best sushi in town, Stranger.

-Sure!Sounds great!

-You look happy now, Kai-kun. That makes me happy.

-So do I get a reward now...?

-A reward that'll make me remember this day forever...

-Okay! They're closed!

-The code is D3, if you forgot~

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