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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anime Sim Date 2.5 Walkthrough.

The very first thing you should do is read the manual by clicking inventory in your house(home) and read it. It has useful tips that you'll need~


In game walkthrough(can get by buying it for 500$ from Amy at the beach house):

Location: School

Likes for gifts: Notepad

To get the best ending, you need:

EXP: 500+

Strenght: 1+

Intelligence: 3+

Charm: 3+

Haru is shy and timid, even when around the one he loves most. He tends to have secrets that you must uncover with your words.

Secret Ending Code: shyguysarecute

Correct answers:

-It was actually too long. I missed you!

-Seeing your face already makes my day.

-I'm...Still thinking about my answer.

-That's nice, a diary's a good thing to have.

-Hey, we should join some clubs together!

-Not at all, but I come here just to see you.

-No, it's fine. I'm glad that you told me.

-Don't worry. We can go see them next year.

-You're asking me already? I'm so happy!

-You have to put cream and sugar in it!

-Good for him, but you own other talents.

-Sure! Saving some money never hurts.

-No problem, I'm glad I could help you!

-I'm glad that you actually paid attention.

-Shouldn't this be the other way around?

-I've heard. You think she's cuter than me?

-Wouldn't it be hard to concentrate if we do?

-But...You were stalking me before that.

-Stop running away from your problems.

-It's weird...But a really sweet thought.

-Me too! I've learned so much about you.

-It's fine, just don't push yourself, okay?

-It's fine, I like you. You should know that.

-You can just say that you love me :)


Location: City

Likes for gifts: Game

To get the best ending, you need:

EXP: 500+

Strenght: 3+

Intelligence: 1+

Charm: 3+

Daichi is carefree and not serious. Go with the flow and let your energy do the work. Be cheerful and live life as if there was nothing to lose.

Secret Ending Code: n64isepicwin

Correct answers:

-Great! I kind of missed you though.

-Just messing around. Nothing much.

-Of course, riddles are your trademark!

-Um, eleven?(Alphabet riddle)

-Stock up and buy a new console!

-Can I come watch your next game?

-Comedy is epic win!!

-It's okay, but I come just to hang out.

-Um, seven? (Family riddle)

-Sure, we're buddies! It'll be fun!

-It's the best! I love sunny weather.

-You haven't changed much either!

-Weird...At least it wasn't a nightmare.

-Sure! I'll bring my volleyball!

-That's good. It's just a game after all.

-Y-yeah of course...it was so...clever.

-A lie!

-They're fun, but playing too much is bad.

-Yeah, I did. It was suprisenly interesting!

-Cool! I don't mind us hanging out.

-Mysteries scare me! Don't talk about them.

-But now the game's over. Isn't that sad?

-The same amount as you were orginally.

-But you got to live life! Have fun!

-I know! We're really lucky that we met!

-Well, I'm just glad that I'm me!

-Sure, I don't mind. We'll still have fun.

-I don't care. You're you, that's all.

-Yeah! I like you too. You're really fun!


Location: Shrine

Likes for gifts: Sushi

To get the best ending, you need:

EXP: 500+

Strenght: 2+

Intelligence: 3+

Charm: 2+

Kai is passionate yet pratical. Think a little bit more logically when around him. His love is more serious than the others.

Secret Ending Code: sushiaddict

Correct answers:

-Don't worry, I remember you. You're Kai!

-Your hair...! I can see both of your eyes!

-Don't worry, I'm sure he'll turn up soon.

-Well, it wasn't fun, but...it was okay.

-Being plain and simple isn't a bad thing.

-No, I don't need a reason to come, right?

-Well, stuff...Just my hobbies, y'know?

-It worries me a little, but not too much.

-Really? That's funny, but I feel the same.

-You should think about getting a new dog.

-It's silly to say, but I kind of do...

-You're going to need a lot of money then...

-No problem. I have fun talking with you.

-Do good in college and you'll get there!

-We're just hanging out, okay? Not dating.

-You're unique. That's one thing for sure.

-...And then you stole my first kiss.

-Whatever my dream leads me to.

-It looks pretty typical, but mysterious...

-It's just you! I'm still good ol' me.

-It's alright, it happens to me too...

-No need to tell me now. Take your time.

-I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

-Me too. Seeing you makes me so happy.

-There's no need to thank me.

-Let's go out again, but as a date this time!

-Not at all! I do the same. Don't apologize.

-I hope that you'll always stay close to me.


Location: Gardens

Likes for gifts: Anything

To get the best ending, you need:

EXP: 500+

Strenght: 3+

Intelligence: 3+

Charm: 3+

Sakka is a secret character. You need to buy the key from Mr.Toko who is in the movie theater in order to enter the gardens. (To find Mr.Toko, just move your cursor over the seats in the movie theatre. Also, the key costs 800$, so work either at Antiques or the Cafe to get the right amount.)

Secret Ending Code: purpleeyes

Correct answers:
-I got the key of course.
-No big reason, I was just curious.
-But...I want to get to know you better.
-Um, I like to look up at the stars at night.
-I want you to go out with me.
-Don't call me annoying! That's rude!
-Yes...I really am, believe or not.
-Are you emo? Cutting is bad, okay?
-You'll eventually fall for me, just watch...
-But me beinmg here makes it not vacant!
-Indeed, and I will keep on doing so...
-Sort of, but I don't think it can control us.
-That's not true. I come here to bug you.
-Then you're saying that you're selfish too.
-But I don't want to! I like you.
-You are too you know...
-Yeah! That's where I do all my shopping!
-Nope, not at all...I'm used to it I guess.
-But there are way more stars than people...
-But I can still keep going if I have HP!
-Of course, otherwise I wouldn't be right?
-Of course. It's naturally terrifying, right?
-What? I'm staring at you? I didn't relize...
-Dude, the world's jammed. Just deal with it.
-If other things means working, then no.
-Yay! Then it makes me first! I'm glad!
-Then it means that you miss me! Yay!
-If that does happen, I'll still remember you.

Cheat Codes:

imhotterthanyou(+3 all stats.)

foureyeslikesme(Allows you to get Harus's best ending at the end of the 30 days.)

amyisgod(Full stats and items, +1000 HP, +$1000)

isueyou(+1000 Money)

imisshisbaseballcap(Allows you to automatically get Daichi's best ending at the end of 30 days.)

dontletmattdrive(+1000 HP)

imhighoffofsushi(Allows you to automatically get Kai's best ending at the end of the 30 days.)

playtimeisover(Automatically ends your 30 days.)

santalovesyou(Gives you all the items.)

ihugemokids(Allows you to automatically get Sakka's best ending at the end of the 30 days.)

theboysaremypawns(Get any guy's best ending automatically at the end of the 30 days.)


  1. Were do you post the codes at?

    1. Click on the train station and then click on the phone there. Then you can input the cheats :)