What are Otome Games?

From tvtropes:
"Otome (maiden) games cover any game aimed at a female audience that is not a Boys Love game; the majority are Visual Novels with romantic elements."

Monday, February 27, 2012

List update!

I updated the list with a downloadable short game called "Boku no Shokura", have fun playing =)


  1. hi i just downloaded Boku no Shukura, but it wont play. i changed my region and everything but still no luck. you got any tips?

    1. It didn't work after changing the region nor installing AppLocale?
      Honestly, I don't know any tips that I can give you, since it worked fine for me when I just changed the region...Perhaps you could try to restart your computer again? Sometimes it's something simple as this that gets the game to work XD