What are Otome Games?

From tvtropes:
"Otome (maiden) games cover any game aimed at a female audience that is not a Boys Love game; the majority are Visual Novels with romantic elements."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

List Update!

Hi, long time no see. I had personal life stuff to do, so I didn't really have time to add new games to it until now.
The games are Heartstring Bugs(That I'm pretty sure most of you have already played) and Doppelganger: Dawn of the Inverted Soul.

Have fun playing them~

PS. I'll answer questions and stuff later


  1. heartstring bugs is a very good game, fun choices, first otome game I've play where the characters actually acknowledge what you're wearing, all in all its the typical otome game all otome gamers will love! my only problem with the game is that its way long repeative game play (which usually doesn't bother me :/) as much as i want to find out the endings of every character it'll take quite a bit of time to keep going to the very beginning and replaying. (oh yeah! one cheat at a time) But for those with more patience than me totally check it out! ;3

  2. I just found out of your blog and I was thrilled ^__^ Thanks for keeping this alive even until 2013 (sort of rare)! I hope you update soon and just to tell you there are a few games that were taken down but the links still exist on the left side~